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Sicis: design mosaics

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SICIS was born in 1987 out of an intuition: recovering the artistic mosaic of the limbo of history and bringing it to the current era, improving its flexibility and discovering new applications.

The Italian luxury brand is synonymous with mosaic art. Tradition and modernity in the design and manufacturing of modern mosaics and stunning reinterpretations of “classics”. Sicis is distinguished by its creative and daring designs. Its products for walls and floors are unique. Applicable not only to housing projects, but also to projects such as spa, pool coatings, outdoor, flooring and wall covering, mosaics and tiles which can give that extraordinary touch to hotels and retail interiors.

Through patents and innovation in the production process, SICIS has played an important role in developing the mosaic market itself, delivering eminent architectural projects around the world.

New designs and applications have been developed for glass paste mosaic, as well as mosaic for marble, steel and precious metals, such as gold and platinum.
The production is entirely made in Italy and is still very connected to the world of crafts. Take advantage of a cutting-edge supply chain, a true pride of the Italian industry.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Sicis brand products.