Sicis: Italian design mosaics

Sicis, excellence in artistic creation through the ancient technique of mosaics.

Design mosaics for walls, floors, and exteriors by Sicis

SICIS, the leading Italian brand of design mosaics, was born in 1987 from an intuition: to retrieve artistic mosaic from the limbo of history and bring it into the modern era by enhancing its flexibility and discovering new applications

This brand is synonymous with mosaic art. Tradition and innovation for the design and manufacture of stunning modern and classic mosaics.

SICIS mosaic products are distinguished by their design, creativity, and daring. Their collections for flooring and wall coverings are unique, applicable not only in residential projects but also for spa projects, pool linings, outdoor mosaics, and flooring and wall coverings for commercial spaces and hospitality.

Through patents and innovation in the production process, SICIS has played a significant role in the development of the mosaic market itself, delivering outstanding architectural projects worldwide.

New designs and applications have been developed for glass paste mosaic, as well as marble, steel, and precious metals such as gold and platinum mosaic.

Production is entirely made in Italy and still very much connected with the world of craftsmanship. It leverages a cutting-edge supply chain, a true pride of the Italian industry

SICIS’s vision and dynamism were directed towards the strategic choice of brand extension, creating its own furniture department: SICIS HOME COLLECTION.

Including all interior elements, from lamps and furniture to fabrics, HOME COLLECTION products are the core of refined rooms, reflecting the SICIS style, aiming to become a total living concept.

GUNNI & TRENTINO is the official distributor of products from the Italian design mosaic company, Sicis.

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