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There’s no point in having a designer kitchen if we do not have appliances that preserve the quality of the food that we are going to prepare in this ideal space. At Gunni & Trentino, we have an extensive range of modern, high-end refrigerators, fridges and freezers, all from the leading luxury brands in the world of interior design so that your food is always in an optimal state of preservation and ready to be prepared.

A high-end refrigerator or fridge becomes a luxury since it can change your life by taking full advantage of what it is designed for. Distribution of space, the possibility of having different temperatures in the different sections of a refrigerator, programming for the preservation of flavors and nutrients and, in some cases, even preparation of the shopping list. These are just some of the benefits of the fridges and freezers that you can find in a Gunni & Trentino kitchen.

Depending on your needs, at Gunni & Trentino, we can offer you American-size or standard-size fridges and freezers with the best guarantees and quality you can get.

Refrigeration appliances are key in the kitchen to keep ingredients fresh. At Gunni & Trentino, we have products with separate climate zones and excellent performance.

Over recent years, the kitchen department of Gunni & Trentino has been focusing on the aesthetics of these appliances and that is why our kitchens have a design that allows them to be integrated into custom-made furniture. If you are looking for the most exclusive fridges and refrigerators, you are in the right place.

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