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At Gunni & Trentino, we are distributors of the best designer ovens and microwaves. We have the best selection of ovens, plates and microwaves for you to complete your kitchen projects.

 The plates are essential products in a kitchen since, without them, it is not possible to cook. In a plate, there are many characteristics that we must take into account when opting for it. The precision, performance and result that they give us when cooking are factors that we should not overlook and these are excellent in the high-end brands available at Gunni & Trentino.

 The oven is another of the electrical appliances that all kitchens currently demand to be able to make infinite recipes. In addition, today the design of high-end ovens is exquisite and integrable with the style of the chosen kitchen. Currently, in all designer kitchens, there is one or more ovens with different functionalities. And not to mention microwaves, which are becoming more and more professional and innovative, and are also the most practical and most used kitchen appliance.

 At Gunni & Trentino, we are clear about the importance of these products and that is why we have the best range for our clients. The evolution of technology when it comes to household appliances is unstoppable and every day more high-end brands decide to innovate. At your disposal in our showrooms, we have flexinduction, gas, induction, glass-ceramic and modular plates, and a variety of ovens: standalone steam, combination steam, and electric. We also have microwave ovens, built-in microwaves and free-standing microwaves.

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