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ClassiCon home furniture and lighting

ClassiCon is a home furniture design firm, its collectible items are not only the masterpieces of yesterday but also of tomorrow. Its goal is to produce individual pieces of great originality and formal perfection, pieces with the potential to become classics in their own right someday. Showing the kind of enduring value, these pieces are destined to become coveted investments for future generations.

Since its inception, ClassiCon has aspired not only to offer pieces from established figures such as Eileen Gray and Eckart Muthesius but also to foster contemporary design and showcase selected examples in its program. Naturally, the chosen models must exhibit the kind of quality and advanced form that earns them the designation “classic.” That’s why ClassiCon is always open to new design ideas.

ClassiCon: synonymous with quality

ClassiCon is synonymous with quality, individuality, and timeless aesthetics, regardless of passing trends. More important than the level of fame achieved by the designer is a demonstrated fascination with new formal concepts. This approach helps ClassiCon continually discover interesting young designers.

ClassiCon produces and sells the Eileen Gray Collection as the worldwide licensee of Aram Designs Ltd, London. In the early 1970s, Eileen Gray began collaborating with Zeev Aram to develop her furniture and lamps for serial production. Eileen Gray transferred the marketing rights of her designs to Aram in 1973.

The ClassiCon brand provides a guarantee that only high-quality materials and methods are used in production, meeting all ecological requirements, and that each piece of furniture has undergone strict quality control.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of ClassiCon.

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