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COSMIC: Leading in Bathroom Accessories

COSMIC is a leading company in the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture, accessories, sinks, shower screens, faucets, lighting, and high-end bathtubs. It currently belongs to the Roca Group, following an alliance in 2008 that marked a milestone in the brand’s expansion.

This design firm started in 1985 as a manufacturer of bathroom accessories. Later, in 1990, the company began international expansion, becoming a leader in the European business of high-end bathroom accessories, complements, and furniture.

The company’s product catalog focuses on 33 collections of design solutions for the bathroom: sinks, mirrors, accessories, faucets, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower screens, and lamps. Over the years, it has continued to expand this catalog, with the accessory collection growing the fastest.

COSMIC has evolved from being an accessory manufacturer to promoting a new bathroom culture. This means understanding the bathroom as another reflection of each individual’s personality and their pursuit of well-being through design.

One of the standout collections from the brand is Bath + by Cosmic, a more affordable product line aimed at a broader customer base, those seeking functional bathroom furniture and accessories without sacrificing good design.

Currently, the company continues to seek designers who are in line with the brand and who provide innovative solutions ahead of their time. Innovation not only involves introducing novelties but also incorporating processes and materials commonly used in other sectors. Thus, Cosmic develops new applications in the industrial field, adapting them to the bathroom and interior design sector.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of bathroom furniture and accessories from the COSMIC brand.

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