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Dedon: Leading Brand in Modern Luxury Furniture

Dedon is a brand of modern outdoor design furniture with great character. The result of this firm reflects the values, experience, and inspiration of its founder, Bobby Dekeyser.

The brand represents a whole philosophy of life: outdoor living, sports, nature, a lifestyle open to the world, cosmopolitan, and positive. This entire universe of the Dedon brand is present in each of its designs for garden, pool, and outdoor furniture. Respect for nature and sustainability are key values ​​of the brand.

Its collections include the already famous garden swing sofa in the shape of a nest called “nest-swing.” A wide range of furniture such as modular sofas, daybeds, ottomans, garden tables, garden chairs, loungers, armchairs, and shade structures to compose authentic outdoor lounges of maximum quality and the best design. In Dedon’s outdoor and garden furniture, the influence of Asian furniture and artisan manufacturing processes, sought by its founder, is clearly noticeable.

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