Dibbern: German Porcelain Tableware

Art and tradition in DIBBERN luxury tableware.

DIBBERN is a German luxury brand of high-quality designer tableware. This brand is characterized by creating classic and timeless designs in each of its collections. They are experts in producing the finest porcelain, through which they create countless combinations, thus reaching all types of decoration enthusiasts.

At DIBBERN, they achieve a balance between art and traditional handmade craftsmanship, maintaining simplicity in pieces that remain attractive.

As mentioned, DIBBERN porcelain is of the highest quality, thanks to the artisanal standards they are committed to fulfilling.

What sets the raw material of the brand apart from ordinary porcelain is its high content of calcium phosphate, ash that gives the material great strength. This, combined with the brightness provided by the “Fine Bone China,” makes DIBBERN tableware the most sought-after and attractive in the tableware sector.

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