Driade: High-end Designer Furniture

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Driade: Luxury Furniture

Driade is an Italian brand born in the late 1960s, known worldwide for creating and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as accessories and utensils.

All of its products have great personality and originality, with collections that set trends thanks to their unusual and innovative shapes, which completely define the style of this house.

Despite its personal character, its elements meet the standards of quality, reliability, and durability, resulting in furniture that withstands moisture, temperature changes, and mechanical damage.

High-quality, highly versatile furniture

Its production of contemporary furniture stands out for using materials such as glass, polyurethane, and aluminum, which give unique qualities to each of its components, allowing the development of high-quality and valuable pieces.

Thanks to the collaboration of renowned designers, its designs have received great international acclaim, decorating homes and public spaces to create unique and timeless environments.

Gunni&Trentino is an official distributor of Driade.

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