Keraben: High-end ceramics

  • KERABEN Colections
  • KERABEN Colections

Keraben: Stylish ceramics

Keraben is a benchmark in the ceramic and porcelain cladding sector. It offers high-quality ceramics without becoming inaccessible, making it widely used in many projects.

Keraben uses the finest raw materials, the latest technology in the industry, and has a large team of professionals constantly striving to offer the best possible quality at an affordable cost.

Quality porcelain tiles with the latest technology.

Additionally, it’s a company concerned about climate change and the environment, as it reuses 100% of the water used during the manufacturing process, recycles excess ceramic production, and packages everything in 100% recyclable packaging. They offer products for both indoor and outdoor use, particularly known for their exterior coverings for pool and garden areas.

Gunni&Trentino is an official distributor of Keraben.

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