Miele: High-end appliances for your kitchen

The design of Miele ovens, cooktops, extractor hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers features clear lines and timeless elegance. Miele offers a wide range of built-in appliances for the kitchen with very cohesive design lines.

Miele smart appliances

The variety of colors of Miele appliances adapts to a wide range of kitchen furniture styles, whether classic or modern. Miele’s design products are of the highest quality and offer the best guarantees.

Every design detail of the appliances integrates seamlessly. Convenience in the use of their products is one of Miele’s priorities. Whether it’s with the classic rotary control, a discreet sensor, or a high-resolution Touch display like on your smartphone, a Miele appliance is easy to operate.

In addition to this, there are convenient automatic programs for cooking or washing.

Miele refrigerators

The new FlexiLight LED lighting integrated into the glass shelves of Miele refrigerators not only illuminates the interior of the appliances with perfect brightness without glare but can also be individually adjusted at each shelf level. This prevents the LEDs from being covered by food items, thus ensuring optimal illumination.

Models with XL interior offer more space and convenience for storing your groceries. You can comfortably store large and bulky items in the refrigerator, such as oven trays. Additionally, the freezer and PerfectFresh zone also offer XL interior space (on all levels of the drawers), providing ample room for storing a large volume of food.

Ovens Miele

The Miele steam oven is the perfect complement to the oven and hob. Since steam cooking times are the same as conventional cooking, there’s no need to adjust to different cooking habits. You can separately prepare soup, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes, or dessert, or combine everything into a complete menu with a single cooking process. External steam generation with Miele’s MultiSteam technology ensures consistent cooking results, short preheating times, and rapid steam generation and distribution through six injectors.

Sous-vide cooking takes place in the steam oven at low and constant temperatures over an extended period. The appearance, shape, minerals, and vitamins are perfectly preserved. With the help of the vacuum drawer, both fish and meat, as well as vegetables or fruit, are optimally prepared through vacuum cooking. The interior of the oven and the tray runners have a unique non-stick effect. Advantages: Food doesn’t stick. Super easy cleaning.

Miele extractor hood

Thanks to Miele Con@ctivity, your extractor hood can communicate with the ceramic hob. Con@ctivity records information from the hob and transmits it to the extractor hood motors. Your Miele hood automatically adjusts to the correct power level, ensuring an optimal kitchen environment at all times. This allows you to fully focus on the cooking process without worrying about turning off the hood. After an automatic delayed shutdown, the hood turns off automatically, saving energy. Additionally, manual operation of the hood is also possible.

Some Miele extractor hoods come with the new Con@ctivity 2.0 feature. The main difference is the use of wireless technology, which enables stable communication between the hob and the extractor hood. The extractor hood comes factory-equipped with the communication module, in addition to the necessary module for the hob to be compatible with the extractor hood.

Miele appliances perfectly combine design and functionality.

GUNNI&TRENTINO is an official distributor of Miele.

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