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Experience and modern designer furniture for the home

Porada was founded in 1960 by Luigi Allievi with the help of his four sons, aiming to continue the production of chairs, which began in 1948, and expand it to other sectors.

The current collection has been maintained thanks to two generations that have combined business acumen with the values ​​of traditional local craftsmanship.

The first step towards the production of accessories coincided with the collaboration of architects Alberio and Cerbaro, along with M.Perego, resulting in the “Linea 91” and “Hoppo”.

Porada’s accessory production has always been based on the use of solid wood, which continues today, combined with other materials such as steel, glass, and plastics. This new experimentation began with the collaboration of T. Colzani, who developed the “Cuccagna” system, a system of modular columns for every room in the house or installation.

For Porada, collaboration with designers like Zappa & Marconato, Seveso & Trezzi, and Gottein became more important and led to the creation of design articles with great functionality.

The Porada collection is large and varied, composed of numerous decorative accessories developed in collaboration with designers such as Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, Staffan Tollgard, Patrick Jouin, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Stefano Bigi, Gino Carollo, Tarcisio Colzani, Studio Opera, Dainelli Studio, and Studio Buratti.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of Porada. If you have any questions about this brand or any home furniture product, do not hesitate to contact our interior design sales representatives.

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