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Roshults,specialists in outdoor kitchens

Roshults’ outdoor design kitchens challenge your senses. Their outdoor kitchens combine first-class materials with architecture, design, and functionality, striking the perfect balance between elegance and utility.

A kitchen for your terrace

An increasingly popular trend is the integration of designer kitchens directly into the pool or terrace area, aiming to have everything at hand while hosting a party or enjoying a pleasant afternoon with friends.

Roshults offers everything you need to create your outdoor kitchen: outdoor tables, chairs, tableware, work islands, stoves, barbecues, and more, combining design with functionality.

Roshults provides everything you need for your outdoor kitchen.r

If you need advice, Gunni&Trentino is a distributor of Roshults, so we can assist you with any outdoor kitchen project you may have.

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