THG Paris: Faucets and accessories of high-end for the bathroom

THG Paris redefines the aesthetics of the bathroom with products that blend functionality with art.

THG Paris: Elegance in Every Drop, High-End Faucets and Accessories for Your Bathroom Space

THG Paris is a French luxury brand specializing in high-end faucets and accessories for the bathroom. As manufacturers of sanitary ware and accessories, they evoke both craftsmanship and industry at the highest level, offering exceptional collections. The brand carefully selects high-quality materials to create its products: gemstones, crystal, porcelain, optical glass, natural marble. THG Paris presents itself as a luxury brand with timeless style.

With over 150 series, each piece is handcrafted to meet the strict quality standards cherished by its discerning clientele. This brand has become globally known and sought after by luxurious hotels, yachts, royal palaces, and premier resorts such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the yachts Amnesia and Delphine, or the Mamounia in Morocco.

THG Paris offers sanitary models in very different styles. They are aesthetically pleasing and of high technical quality, meeting the requirements and standards in force in all countries of the world.

THG Brassware Bathroom Collections

THG Brassware Bathroom

The world of THG Paris aims to enrich bathroom faucet design by offering models with very different styles. In collaboration with prestigious luxury brands or imagined by talented creators, THG collections are now part of the art of French living.

THG Accesories

In order to provide the utmost comfort to your bathroom, THG Paris has developed its ‘Les Basiques’ collection, in addition to specific products from the faucet collections, to customize this space of well-being according to your desires and needs.

THG Bathtubs

This collection of bathtubs has been designed with the desire for simplicity conducive to relaxation and well-being. The essence of THG Paris is to enhance the art of bathing, offering a unique moment through exceptional products. The company offers a service tailored to all requirements and proposes designs that combine rounded shapes and more structured lines. Trendy colors and innovative textures are also part of the wide range of customization options.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of THG Paris.

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