WOW: High-end Designer Ceramics

WOW, visually striking, durable, and sophisticated pieces

WOW: Elevate Your Spaces with High-End Design Ceramic, Where Excellence Finds Its Expression

WOW is a high-end design ceramics brand. Over the years, more than just a brand, it has become a design studio specialized in ceramic projects development. WOW ceramics are characterized by being trendy in terms of color and being part of innovative collections for flooring and wall coverings. They use the latest technology in production, achieving finishes and ceramic effects such as reliefs.

Over the past 16 years, this brand has launched 31 ceramic collections to the market, capable of being combined with each other and full of originality, led by recognized designers. WOW materials dress the walls and floors of homes and large contract projects such as hotels, companies, and restaurants.

Each WOW product is created with the help of architects and designers, and prototypes are later developed in the laboratory. Throughout the process, the WOW team has absolute control over each step, as well as perfect coordination among all parts of this great team of professionals.

Some of the most recent WOW collections

60º: A smooth dialogue between wood and stone, allowing open spaces with floors softly blended without room dividers. Chevron and Trapezoid complementary shapes, both with a common 60º angle, to be combined or used alone. 3 natural wood tones and a Calacatta-inspired stone form the unusual elegance of 60º.

Bejmat: This collection replicates traditional handmade tiles, hence there are slight dimensional differences between pieces (varying lengths and widths), which are part of the intended aesthetic. It is advisable to adjust each piece during the installation process due to these dimensional differences, rather than using spacers, thus these differences provide character, a handmade feel, and high aesthetic value.

Duo: Duo represents the duality of gloss and matte within the same pieces, the richness of lush glossy glazes and the subtlety in perfect balance on a porcelain body. You can also combine your Duo with a Solo, tone on tone for the most refined tastes.

Elle Floor: Elle is a porcelain shape that invites reflection, with shaded tones within each color. It is used on any wall, floor, and even outdoors..

You can view the rest of the WOW collections by clicking here.

Gunni & Trentino is an official distributor of WOW.

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