Zucchetti: Modern Bathroom Faucets

 Zucchetti Faucets: Expression of Modern Elegance, Technologically Advanced and Efficient.

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Zucchetti is a brand specialized in modern faucets for bathroom and kitchen of the highest quality and with the most sophisticated design. Prestigious designers and architects such as Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodríguez, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, or William Sawaya regularly collaborate with this brand.

In 2007, the brand introduced the Faraway series, after acquiring the Kos brand, thus launching a complete collection for the bathroom environment that revolutionizes various concepts. With over 100 products designed for private, contract, and spa use, including faucets for washbasins, showers, and bathtubs, single-lever faucets for bath and shower, shower columns, free-standing washbasin single-levers, lateral and wall-mounted shower heads, ceiling-mounted shower heads, and waterfall shower heads, along with all accessories for the modern bathroom. The Faraway collection sets new rules for bathroom ambiance with designs that not only innovate formally but also save energy and water. Zucchetti‘s single-lever faucets with swivel spouts and extractable or adjustable showers for the kitchen are another specialty. The most well-known high-tech mixers are the Soft, Spin, and Isy models.

Zucchetti incorporates the concept of “Design Oriented” into its definition. In the words of the current president of the company: “Design oriented is not a fashion or manners category, but the expression of an ethic, of a behavior, where design means ‘a project within the project’ and is the factor that unites all the elements that determine the complexity of the company’s action..

GUNNI&TRENTINO is the official distributor of Zucchetti. Find all the products of the brand in our online catalog.

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