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Verpan: avant-garde design furniture

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Verpan, high-end designer furniture


Verpan is a well-known furniture and lighting firm, inspired by the works of Veneer Panton, who was one of the greatest visionaries in the art design sector of the 20th century.

The collections presented by this house are characterized by having a unique and unmistakable style, far from tradition, which allows the creation of Nordic pieces of furniture and lighting, taking up the canons of modern Scandinavian design.

Nordic and minimalist design furniture


Another of its most appreciated characteristics in its wide range of products is the continuous search for innovation at a functional and aesthetic level, in order to bring movement, light and color to any room that you want to decorate.

Among his Nordic and minimalist style designs, the ‘Welle’ collection is worth highlighting, where Veneer Panton’s imagination leads us to discover different modules of sofa, armchairs and poufs made from polyurethane foam, which present organic shapes of great value creative.

Gunni & Trentino is Verpan’s official distributor.