La Finca






Raquel Castellanos
LAFINCA Arquitectura & Diseño


La Finca LGC7 stands out as the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity within the LGC development, offering innovative architectural design that merges the concepts of single-family and multi-family housing. This residential project stands out for its huge windows that open up to panoramic views of the gardens and golf course, uniquely integrating the natural environment into the interior of the homes. The LAFINCA Architecture & Design team, led by Raquel Castellanos, has achieved a masterful synthesis between both concepts, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds without compromise.

La Finca LGC7 is a testament to the ability of architectural design to unite elements of single-family villas with the advantages of multi-family homes. With just two decades of history, this concept is distinguished by its ability to create a dynamic relationship between the interior and exterior, while preserving the advantages of apartment buildings. The uniqueness of La Finca LGC7 lies in its ability to integrate unique features such as different heights, gardens, pools, and a close relationship between the interior and exterior.

As part of the contribution to the project, Gunni & Trentino has supplied interior design materials to create elegant and functional spaces that reflect the exclusive lifestyle that characterizes La Finca LGC7. This residential project represents an exceptional synthesis of luxury, comfort, and innovative design in the prestigious setting of La Finca.

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