Barcelona, 2023






Jordi Folch


This project was conceived with the vision of merging simple lines and neutral tones with the innovation and practicality demanded by modern life.

A fundamental premise was the seamless integration between the kitchen and the living room. Elements such as porcelain and a captivating green tone were chosen, not only adding freshness but also creating a cozy and unifying atmosphere.

Attention to detail is crucial in this project. Special care was given to natural lighting, allowing design details to stand out and bringing warmth to the space. This approach has resulted in a visually appealing, comfortable, and highly functional area.

Additionally, in this project, we highlight the supply of flooring, tiling, and materials for the bathroom, where we collaborated with Trentino Tiles. The quality and design of the selected collection have added a distinctive and durable element that complements the overall design of the spaces perfectly.

In summary, Provença stands as a testament to how elegance and functionality can coexist in perfect harmony.

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