Vivienda Nueva España
Madrid, 2021



Helena Canovas Studio


This project is the result of collaboration with professionals in the field and our team, where we have been responsible for supplying carefully selected decoration materials and furniture to complement the exceptional interior design.

The studio, from the intermediate phase of construction, has designed the interior of this home from scratch. Their vision included creating a clean and contemporary architectural base, upon which two black wooden boxes were introduced to organize the space and add depth. This bold choice, moving away from the total white scheme, infused the environment with unique character and personality.

To further enhance this atmosphere, the interior designer opted for noble materials such as light oak wood and natural stone, combined with warm textures like linen, silk, and wallpaper. Additionally, she integrated custom-designed unique pieces from her studio, adding a distinctive and exclusive touch to the space.

Our involvement focused on complementing her vision with the selection of decoration materials and furniture. Each piece was carefully chosen to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the environment, thus contributing to the creation of a truly exceptional home.

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