Madrid, 2021




Helena Canovas Studio


Encinar, a project by Helena Canovas Studio, in collaboration with the team at Gunni & Trentino, is a project where we were tasked with providing decoration materials and furniture to complement its innovative design.

This project consists of a complete renovation and decoration, aimed at optimizing the space and adapting it to its new needs. The space was completely redesigned, with a focus on creating a cozy and functional environment.

Natural materials such as wood and large-format limestone flooring were introduced. These elements not only added warmth and texture to the environment but also contributed to a greater sense of spaciousness and calm. Additionally, organic shapes were incorporated to soften the lines and create a harmonious and relaxing environment for the residents.

Our involvement focused on providing decoration materials and furniture that complemented the overall design of the residence.

Each piece was carefully selected to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space, working in harmony with the interior designer’s vision.

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